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An Italian trip is in your pipeline?

An Italian trip is in your pipeline?
Business or pleasure, 7 rules not to forget!

Italy is always a good choice particularly for holidays, an Italian trip includes probably a journey through the past visiting historical centers like Florence, Venice, Rome. Maybe staying in 80th styled-hotels.

While you stay there, the best choice is trying to be a proper Italian. How? Let’s list some rules:

1 – Breakfast is mandatory in a BAR with cappuccino and croissant + a pear juice for the most creatives. Italians have breakfast at the Bar always standing up for not more than 10 minutes.

2- If by chance your trip is a business trip, don’t be surprised if the business meeting starts with a coffee break and more than 15 minutes later than the time scheduled.

3- If you want to buy some souvenirs, always ask for a discount. Generally prices for foreigners are always higher, they hear your accent and the price go up about 20%!

4- There are always 5 minutes for an espresso! Never add milk with your coffee after 2 p.m. Never ask for cappuccino during the afternoon, it’s not the Italian way!

5- If you are Spanish or French, don’t speak English…In many places Italians don’t manage other languages other than Italian and (Italian) dialects. It will be easier for them to understand your mother tongue.

6- Enjoy your Italian meal and don’t try exotic food in Italy. It will be definitely worse! For example don’t ask for a pizza with ‘ananas’ (pineapple) if you want to be safe!

7- Finally but not latest, if you have the chance of a romantic lovestory with an Italian Latin lover, don’t be surprised if ‘hairstyle, clothes, tan, tattoos are totally his priority’. Italians are just super fashion!

Well, the list could be longer but I think it’s enough for a quick understanding of the basics!

And, enjoy your stay in Italy!

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