in every activity, passion takes off most of difficulty

Your country is just perfect!

Your country is just perfect!
My first thought is ‘perfection doesn’t exist and in any case, your own country is always the best!’

Not sure 😉, are you thinking about all those weaknesses of your country? Economic crisis, admin stuff, high taxes, political behaviour, health system and so on. 

Someone told me that your country is just the place where you were born. Do you agree with that?

Working in different countries is not only an amazing experience, but it also opens your mind! 

If you have left the country where you grew up, it will never be the same when you will be back after a while. Then, you will be officially a ‘countryless’ 😉

What’s the solution? Travel! Travel! Travel! Go to other countries, and not only for holidays, work there, then choose the country that fits you better and stay there or… continue traveling! 

What’s about your country? Still in love or still traveling?

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