in every activity, passion takes off most of difficulty

Women Networking

Women Networking

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WorldWomen in Business is online…

WorldWomen in Business is online…

Finally online, just a dream that is coming true… connecting women and their interests, events, stories and useful tips.

Enjoy your trip in the Women World!

World Women in Business (WWinB) is an international women community behind a blog, women who are working around the globe. Our mission is to share inspiring articles about life ❤‍, career 💰, events 🍸 & all is around 🍭😎! Our WWinB Events are highly recommended!

If International attitude, Smart, Dynamic, Proactive and Independent are who you are… without any doubt, you could be part of this Women network, ask for your free membership. Members activities within WWinB can be summarized with (i) being editor, (ii) organizing events and (iii) networking: attending events, promoting and sharing. Your inspiration will motivate other women!

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Hello World!

Welcome in this World Women Community! About us…

World Women in Business is a community behind a blog, it´s a worldwide community dedicated to women.

Who we are? We are working women who wants share ideas and experiences about life ❤‍, career 💰, events 🍸 and all is around 😎! This blog is the platform for writing and sharing these articles and good tips! Our members are highly professional and passionate about their work and this is the reason why they want share them!

When we meet? We are organizing networking events: breakfasts, girls’ night out, barbecues, etc. Our scope is create networking dynamics, built up a network in which women are the protagonists. Relationship between women are quite different compared to our men colleagues, we are not looking for competition or for fight, we are not trying to define who the best is and how many women should be in your company. We would like only to be united, honest and with constructive behaviors.

Where we are? Mostly in Santiago (Chile) but… don’t be surprised 😮, we are everywhere 😎!

Erasmus of Rotterdam said: “in every activity, passion takes off most of difficulty”. This is our belief!
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